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Adventures in the Kitchen

So, I am working on my culinary skills (currently consisting of toasting; microwaving; and sometimes even a little boiling) and figured this looked like an easy recipe to try:  Burrito Pie from  I made a few modifications to suit my tastes (I used ground turkey and took out the olives, green chili peppers, taco sauce and substituted a chopped up roma tomoato for the tomatoes with green chili peppers) and so far I think it's turned out all right.

The recipe says to saute the meat and after I lobbed the entire package of ground turkey into the pan I looked up what "saute" meant.  Then ran back to the stove, added a splash of oil and started breaking apart the meat.  So in hindsight, I would crumble the meat up as I put it into the pan instead of as one big hunk o' turkey.

I also looked up "minced" afterwards and realized I may need to keep an eye out for hunks of garlic...

I made it with the goal of reheating it, so haven't tried it with t…