2007 Christmas Cards

I made a couple cards for last Christmas. The first one is the Christmas Corgi from JessicaLynnOriginal Stamps. We used to have a Corgi, so I sent this card to my sister. After making this, I wondered why it didn't look like other cards and I realized I need to work on my matting! :-o (Or my measuring! LOL!)

The other card I made is actually a Halloween stamp (Penny Black's Brown Bag Monster) but the inside said "Don't let the holiday's stress you out!" I got some suggestions like I could have added Christmas lights to the cat to make it more Christmasy, but I think it's cute. :) He obviously just got back from the mall at Christmas time!


Jessica Lynn said…
I got the Corgi card! You did a great job with your first ever Christmas cards!!

Jessica Lynn
Wombat said…
Thank you! They were good practice.

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