New Cards

I made a few cards yesterday. I don't know, it always feels so hard to make cards. Perhaps I just don't do it often enough. :) They are all colored in with either colored pencils or markers from Crayola. Here they are:

First, this card took me HOURS. I was going to try for a sketch template on Split Coast, but didn't think it out enough ahead of time. So, this is what I ended up with. It looks pretty good, for my cards, I think. I used the Relaxation Tree for All Seasons from JessicaLynnOriginal and a Card Quote.

Next I made a birthday card using another stamp from JessicaLynnOriginal that I ordered at the same time as the Relaxation Tree. Again, I used a Card Quote. I just bought a hole punch, so this was my first time using that also.

And last but not least, I tried out the burned batik techique from SCS.

With this one, I used a couple stamps that came with the Relaxation tree for the burned batik part of the background and one of the JLO Doodle Bugs stamps for the foreground. I wanted to add a sentiment, but it would have blocked one of the bugs, so I left it as they are supposed to show a progression. I scorched the card and didn't have clear embossing powder, so I think the burning part could have gone better, but I'm looking forward to giving it another shot.


Lauri said…
Hi! I saw a link to your site on SplitCoast and thought I would check out your work! Isn't starting a new hobby fun? I know that the more I stamp the better I get. I look at some of my old cards now and can tell just how much better I have become. One thing you may want to consider is investing in some artist grade colored pencils. I use Prismacolor and find I like the results more than the Crayola (and I used to use them). I also found some great tutorials on line about how to blend colors and stuff. Good luck! I will be checking out your blog to see your new work!
Lauri said…
and I want to add....Great Start! Giving a homemade card is a great gift for anyone, and your friends and family are lucky you are so giving of yourself!
NancyK said…
The tree branch card is very striking with the red heart - it just pops out at you. Very nice presentation of these images.
Wombat said…
Lauri & Nancy,

Thank you, Lauri, the next time I am out shopping for supplies I'll
have to check out the Prismacolor.

And thanks, Nancy! I was going for striking. :o)