Before and After

I had signed up for another fall swap. Although I probably should have switched the yorkie card and this card between the two swaps!

Well, I wanted to make a fall card and use orange. And so decided to use the color scheme of candy corn. I wanted to use one of the Monsters/Kids stamps from and went with the Mummy because he's adorable! (And he fit into my circle cut!) Well, I had some issues with the execution of my idea. The brads are supposed to be like thought bubbles and the tall pumpkin is thinking about scary mummies coming to see him.

So on the way home today I thought a better way to do it might be masking, so I gave that a shot and changed from the Mummy to something else the tall boy is scared of! Being carried away! For this set, I made sure all the tall boy's eyes were looking in the right direction. Also, none of the background candy corn is over a pumpkin. I did have some trouble getting the bottom part of the masking to turn out as crisp as I'd like, but overall, I think they turned out better than the previous versions.

And the best part is, I can still see ways I could have made them even better. If I had some glitter stuff, I would have made the witch glittery and that would have looked nice.