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Yes! 2009 Wombat Calendar

There are some *cute* pictures this year. I've already ordered mine!

Check it out here!

Starry skies

The aurora australis over the Dark Sector at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station on June 3, 2008. The Dark Sector is so-named due to the absence of light and radio wave interfence. The bright spot above the ground shield in the foreground is Jupiter. The white streaks of light going up are the Milky Way. (Keith Vanderlinde/National Science Foundation) From this page:

Love this one...


Before and After

I had signed up for another fall swap. Although I probably should have switched the yorkie card and this card between the two swaps!

Well, I wanted to make a fall card and use orange. And so decided to use the color scheme of candy corn. I wanted to use one of the Monsters/Kids stamps from and went with the Mummy because he's adorable! (And he fit into my circle cut!) Well, I had some issues with the execution of my idea. The brads are supposed to be like thought bubbles and the tall pumpkin is thinking about scary mummies coming to see him.

So on the way home today I thought a better way to do it might be masking, so I gave that a shot and changed from the Mummy to something else the tall boy is scared of! Being carried away! For this set, I made sure all the tall boy's eyes were looking in the right direction. Also, none of the background candy corn is over a pumpkin. I did have some trouble getting the bottom part of the masking to turn o…

Fall Yorkie

I made this card for a pumpkin swap. The fall yorkies are a very cute set of stamps from One of her best!

Corgi's Master Plan

Here is my first attempt at using a brayer...not quite sure I did it right, but thought I'd post the card anyway. :) But, the stamp is cute! I love the corgi's face and the title of the book!

Dino Days

The June challenge for the Jessica Lynn Original Design Team was to use Splitcoast sketch challenege 166. Below is mine take using one of the cute dino stamps from The leaves on the vertical panel are from the Relaxation Tree stamp set, also from JessicaLynnOriginal.

New Stamps!

Image has released two new sets of stamps and here is my card for the Adventure Set!

You can see more samples and the other new set - I love to Shop! - on There are also two new sets of words to go with each of the bigger sets and some cute new animals.

JLO Design Team

Be on the lookout for new stamps from She's having two new sets come out Wednesday and they are fantastic! Something for everyone.

Thank You Cards

I made six of these cards using Sketch Challenge 159 on SplitcoastStampers. The patterned paper is a little different in each one because of how it's cut. And it's my first attempt at triple layering.

One swap down and one to go!

I made the cards for the "I'd Die Without this stamp" swap on SCS. I used the Garden Bug set from JessicaLynnOriginal. I wanted to use the dragonfly, because it is my favorite, but the butterfly seemed to fit a little better. I also it made it to go along with this week's Sketch Challenge.

And I made another card! One for my sister's birthday using the Sketch Challenge from last week! Cute little bug holding lilacs!


Jessica tagged me, so here goes:

What were you doing ten years ago?
Going to college and starting Lookout2's Young Hercules Page (which I accidentally let expire this year! GRRR!!!!!) So, I had classes until 1pm and no job and life was good. :)

What were you doing 1 year ago??
Sometime around now I think I was stamping my first cards...?

Name your five favorite snacks...
In no particular order...pretzels, tortilla chips, CHOCOLATE, some Freezie things, and cheese, I guess.

Name five things you would do if you were a millionaire...
Buy a house, pay off debt, give money away to people probably, go to Disney World!, and invest! That million won't last long!

Name five things you like doing...
Reading, writing, I do like makin' cards, but it's frustrating sometimes, playing PC games, watching reality TV apparently!

Name five things you would never wear again...

Name your five favorite toys...
Computer...I am drawing a blank. Maybe I need more toys?

Now, it's my turn to tag five …

Fun photos


New Cards

I made a few cards yesterday. I don't know, it always feels so hard to make cards. Perhaps I just don't do it often enough. :) They are all colored in with either colored pencils or markers from Crayola. Here they are:

First, this card took me HOURS. I was going to try for a sketch template on Split Coast, but didn't think it out enough ahead of time. So, this is what I ended up with. It looks pretty good, for my cards, I think. I used the Relaxation Tree for All Seasons from JessicaLynnOriginal and a Card Quote.

Next I made a birthday card using another stamp from JessicaLynnOriginal that I ordered at the same time as the Relaxation Tree. Again, I used a Card Quote. I just bought a hole punch, so this was my first time using that also.

And last but not least, I tried out the burned batik techique from SCS.

With this one, I used a couple stamps that came with the Relaxation tree for the burned batik part of the background and one of the JLO Doodle Bugs stamps for…

Naked mole-rat cam

I just noticed the naked mole-rat cam has a new angle and better color! I haven’t gotten to watch it too much, so I haven’t seen a lot of mole-rats, but it's exciting. To me anyway!

2007 Christmas Cards

I made a couple cards for last Christmas. The first one is the Christmas Corgi from JessicaLynnOriginal Stamps. We used to have a Corgi, so I sent this card to my sister. After making this, I wondered why it didn't look like other cards and I realized I need to work on my matting! :-o (Or my measuring! LOL!)

The other card I made is actually a Halloween stamp (Penny Black's Brown Bag Monster) but the inside said "Don't let the holiday's stress you out!" I got some suggestions like I could have added Christmas lights to the cat to make it more Christmasy, but I think it's cute. :) He obviously just got back from the mall at Christmas time!

2008 Wombat Calendar

I was very excited to learn I'll be able to get a wombat calendar this year after all!

Check it out!

How cute is that?! I can't wait for it to arrive.